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E-Cigs Sprout on Boston Shelves

“Boston shopkeepers are rushing to sell electronic cigarettes, apparently driven by sales pitches from the nation’s third-largest tobacco company. Lorillard representatives have been offering retailers display samples and suggesting they stock the tobacco-free smokes. The push comes amid a reignited […]

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Livity Vapor Alternate Logo Released

More cool stuff pouring in from our branding experts… Check out the alternate version of the Livity Vapor logo. This version is expected to be used in some campaigns.  

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Big Tobacco “Embraces” E-Cigarettes

Industry Approaches $1B Annual Sales Think that e-cigarettes are just a fad? Altria, the largest tobacco company in the US and maker of “Marlboro,” silenced any questions as to their timing on entry into the e-cigarette business. “MarkTen” was announced […]

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Vape Holdings Announces Livity Vapor!

Livity Vapor is introduced as the first brand for Vape Holdings! Livity is a Rastafari or “Patois” word for life and freedom. Livity is living your life in a free and positive way. New products are expected to be announced […]

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“The First Time I Ever Did It…”

“… it gave me my life back.” That’s what a 42 year old soccer Mom said about her use of a “vape pen” or vaporizer pen to use medical marijuana. Take a look at this quote from the article on CBS […]

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